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TEAM STANDINGS - Spring 2021

Note: This page will be updated after the first game of the Spring 2021 season.

Updated 9/20/2020 10:17 pm


PTS = Total Points, GP = Games Played, PPG = Points Per Game, W = Wins, L = Losses, T = Ties, GF = Goals For,
GA = Goals Against, GD = Goals Difference

Placings are calculated as follows:
1 - Teams are ranked first by amount of points earned.  A team earns 3 points per win, 1 point per tie, 0 points per loss.
2 - If teams are tied in points, then the Goals Difference is used as a tie-breaker.

2021 Spring Season Game Results

U7 Game Results

DateFirst GameSecond Game

U9 Game REsults

DateFirst GameSecond Game

U11 Game Results

DateFirst GameSecond Game

U13 Game Results

DateFirst GameSecond Game

U16 Game REsults

DateFirst GameSecond Game

Final Team Standings Fall 2019

U6 Division

PlacingTeamHead CoachSponsorPTSGPPPGWLTGFGAGD
1Blue Lightning (Blue)Patty Smith  8       
1The Green Giants (Green)Kiley Storm  8       
1Titans (Red)Meghan Dunn  8       
1Bumble Bees (Yellow)Christopher Sias  8       


U8 Division

PlacingTeamHead CoachSponsorPTSGPPPGWLTGFGAGD
1The Green Geckos (Green)Stormy Smith 1782.12551219910
2Mega Monsters (Blue)Luis Hernandez 1181.37533218180
3Hot Cheetos (Red)Brian Trychta 1081.25341914-5
4Warriors (Yellow)Jeremiah Bradley 780.8752511116-5


U10 Division

PlacingTeamHead CoachSponsorPTSGPPPGWLTGFGAGD
1The Golden Champs (Yellow)Jairo Saenz 2282.75701411724
2Red Raptors (Red)Johnny Algarin 1081.253412628-2
3Green Lightning (Green)Cody Carlson 780.8752511420-6
4The Blue Ninjas (Blue)Kiley Storm 780.8752511127-16

U13 Division

PlacingTeamHead CoachSponsorPTSGPPPGWLTGFGAGD
1Green Machine 2.0 (Green)Larry Brown 1882.2550321813
2Blue Face Babies (Blue)Jose Dominguez 1481.7542215132
3Juventis (Yellow)Nick Goff 680.751431113-2
4Red Patriots (Red)Johnny Algarin 580.625152922-13


U16 Division

PlacingTeamHead CoachSponsorPTSGPPPGWLTGFGAGD
1Wolves (Yellow)Kris Lehman 2182.62361023149
2Green Hornet (Green)Tim Kirk/Omar Mena 1682.29511351718
3Liverpool (Red)Edgar Marraquin 78124130246
4Blue Knights (Blue)Froylan Lopez 080070740-33